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The Power of the Gospel 2.1

This is a very empowering package! It contains the Truth´s of Grace and Freedom of the Gospel of Jesus. Yet compiled in an easy to use format which is ideal for home or group study. What is the Gospel? Most Christians have a rudimentary und


Library .NET v2

An All-In-One information, knowledge, and document management system.


CD Library

CD Library is a complet organizer for your CD collection. You can find your files in seconds. All your frustrations about not finding that CD you are looking for will be gone. It offers many features: you can add your own description to each fil


Library 1.0

The library is a program for managing school libraries (Middle School / Elementary School). This allows you to define a list of students and assigning to each rental history books. In addition, there are options for searching students, as well as direct v


rss library for net

Major Features: * Easily create your own feed, blog or aggregator * Includes support for consuming and publishing feeds * Parses and writes RSS versions 0.9 through 2.0 as well as extensions for RSS PhotoAlbum, BlogChannel and CreativeCommon


chilkat mht c library 9.2.1

Converts HTML to self-contained .MHT web archives. Can also convert HTML into a self-contained email with all referenced images embedded within the email. Chilkat MHT can download HTML from a url, load HTML from a file, or accept HTML passed in directly a


XtraBuild Library

XtraBuild Library is a powerful program designed to manage book collections.


apache net ant library 1.1

Using Apache Commons Compress this Antlib supports gzip and bzip2 compression and ar, cpio, tar and zip archives. The current code base is based on the 1.1 release of Commons Compress but it is expected that this Antlib follows Commons Compress' developm


C++Crypto Library

C++ Crypt library includes hash algorithms (SHA256, MD5), symmetric encryption/decryption algorithms (RC6, AES (RIJNDAEL)), PKI RSA algorithms and BASE64 encoding/decoding algorithms.


BCGControlBar Library for .NET

BCGControlBar for .NET: create advanced, MS Office-like GUI in minutes!