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free household coupon organizer 1.1

Organize your vitamins, herbs and minerals with MS Excel. This spreadsheet makes saving money with coupons easy and enjoyable. This program will make all your organization easy and quick. Using an organizing spreadsheet always helps.


Fun Chores

FunChores provides a super simple way for your family to record what work they are doing around the house so you as a parent can give pocket money based on what they have actually done


Ward Chores

This is the Windows 8.1 version of the Ward Chores app, originally available on the Windows Phone 8


Household Connectaword

Connectaword is a paced puzzle game where the player has to complete 5 or 10 words with a set of letters that will only fit in those 5 words, the faster the player does this the better their time will be!


Household Pianoboard

A simple Household soundboard (Pianoboard) App for windows 8


Household Alpharain

Alpharain is a difficult puzzle game, which puts the player in a racy position to fill in as many words as possible, using the falling letters within the time limit, the more words they complete, the higher their score!


Household Letterchoice

Letterchoice is a challenging puzzle game where the player has to create as many words as possible within a time limit using a pre allocated number of letters, each of these words fits the theme


Household Paperchain

Paperchain is a difficult puzzle game involving several words sown together, the player is given only the last and first letter in this series and has to try and guess, from a selection what words should be in the middle


Household Wordhang

Learning to spell the fun way, Wordhang is a theme based game where the player has to guess the missing letters in a word from a certain theme before the man has been hung, this is a score based game with the high score being recorded for replayability


Household Wordmix

Words can have many different meanings, the player has to find out the true spelling of the words in a theme as they are mixed up initially