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Dispatch Nurses to Hospitals with Excel 1.4

Nurse Scheduling at Several Different Hospitals The Nurse Dispatcher was developed for staffing agencies providing nurses to work up to 3 daily shifts at several different hospitals. It is ideal for this application as well as others where you need to se


Dispatch Nurses to Hospitals with Excel

Assign up to 100 Nurses to 3 Shifts at up to10 Hospitals for 2 Weeks with Excel


Nearby Hospitals

This app provides a list of nearby hospitals (Name, Address, Phone, Rating, etc


Bus Nearby

Search for the bus stops you use in Dublin, see when the next buses are due, then save your favourite stops


Gas Nearby

Gas Nearby is the app for finding cheap gas prices around you in USA! Gas Nearby app helps you quickly find and navigate to the nearest gas station and find the cheapest gas prices around your location


My Nearby

Would you like to see around you ? Would you like to communicate with the surrounding places ? You can see photos and places around you , can obtain weather information daily and You can share your location information


Nearby Live

Nearby Live is the social network for meeting new people


Venues nearby

Find yourself in a foreign place? Move as a local with this app


NearBy for Windows 8

*** PLEASE TAKE NOTE, THIS APPLICATION IS CONTAINT DATABASE FOR MALAYSIA & SINGAPORE ONLY ***NearBy for Windows 8 bring you to the new level to search and discover places around you


Radius NearBy Anywhere

Find locations near the location indicated on the map