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Surf Sense 3.1

Surf Sense is the all-in-one desktop search tool which allows you to get the information you need, fast. Search the internet, databases and local files for a search term without leaving your application, all with a single key-stroke. Save your results t


KNOCKS SQL-Sense v1.0

KNOCKS SQL-Sense provides Intellisense style help while writing SQL Statements in Microsoft Query Analyzer, SQL Server 2005 Management Studio, Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio .NET 2003. It simply sits behind the scenes and provides unobtrus



Compete against the Computer Stratego World Champion!


ASUS PC Probe II 1.04.92

The ASUS PC Probe is a simple utility that monitors vital information in the computer such as fan rotations, voltages and temperature. You need to have an Asus motherboard on your system. Additionally, it gives system information such as har


ASUS PC Probe II 04/01/86

ASUS PC Probe II is a small application designed to monitor various parameters in the computer. The program displays the exact temperature of the CPU and motherboard, and read all the major power in the power supply. In addition, we can find out what spee


Probe 'Toxic Crisis'

Navigate a Probe underground transporting leaky drums of nuclear waste


Probe II Sense

Probe II Sense is an exclusive software for ASUS Intel 8 Series motherboard only


developer Device Probe [Win8JS Personal Non-Corporate Edition]

Developer Device Probe is a Windows 8 HTML/JS tool written to turn inside out the internal workings of the JavaScript runtime used by such apps



This app gives you short description about types of sensors


Word Sense

Word Sense is a dictionary, thesaurus, and valuable tool for matching thoughts to words like never before