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Project + 1.7.5

Project + is a software project management methodology based on Critical Chain (Critical Chain Project Management - CCPM). The program allows you to schedule the project using artifacts postulated by the methodology used, listing information about the pro


VB Project Eye 4.0

VB Project Eye is an analysis tool that determines the calls/uses of procedures, variable and data types in shortest time and allows a slight navigation through the call trees of a Visual Basic project. The dependences between the different obje


Project 21

The Christian Church is growing like never before. Each day around the world, multiple thousands of people are turning to the Lord. This 21 lesson course was written in 1998 by Paul, Bunty & David Collins (founders of the Online Bible Col


Project´Or RIA 2.0.1

Project´Or RIA is a Project Organizer Tool


Project XS

Project XS is an exciting software solution within the Project Management software arena. Project XS combines project management, document management and time management in one easy to use application. Accompanying this are features such as multi user, mu


Project In 1.2

The "W" is a free strategy game where the gameplay is turn-based. The story takes us to the fictional world in which the United Nations and the European Union broke up. And the world has been divided into five large countries. Each desiring domination, wi


MS Project Viewer

Microsoft Project viewer, MS Project viewer, mpp viewer, mpp reader


Factory Project 1.0

The program is designed for an easy and fast way to design the interior of any residential, office, as well as the environment around our house. The program of work on the plan view (2D) so that the resulting image is very clear. The program has an excell


smoothvideo project 3.0.1

SVP is a free real-time frame interpolation software based on motion compensation that can handle videos without any restrictions.


The Jeluvian Project

The Jeluvian Project is a great, free online strategy game that takes place on a distant, mysterious planet. At our command team is dedicated, whose members, instead of himself to fight on the battlefield, they send him a special machine, controlled by th