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Smash Da Gas!

Smash Da Gas! is a free racing game that is run through a web browser. You play here in the form of a driver who is seated behind the wheel of a race against their rivals. Routes which will take place in courtship, it is both classic race tracks and cleve


Smash Frenzy 2

Smash Frenzy 2 is a free arcade game, which, due to its principles can count the species Arkanoidów. The fun lies in the fact that by moving at the bottom of the paddle, bounce the ball hurtling which destroys all objects on the board. Usually in this kin


Smash Face Volley

Smash Face Volley is a free sports game sprinkled with humor, which allows us to take part in unusual volleyball matches. At the beginning of the game, the player can make a choice, one of the twenty-four characters in the game. Initially, there we have n


Smash it!

Smash all falling objects but the Windows and gain points


Rat Smash

Smash a Rat! You have been surround by Rats, smash them as fast as you can!


Ant SMASH er

Smash ants with your finger or mouse in this great game!Features:+ Ants SMASH ing+ Ladybug to increase health+ Survival game, make your own HIGHSCORE+ Game for all ages, man and woman!Time to SMASH the ants


Cow Smash

Smash as many cows as you can before 3 escape!



Smash providing endless hours of fingers exercises giving lot of fun


Top Smash

Prepare for a Top Smash tennis workout! Be the best on the lawn – get your four points to win a game


Smash The Fly

Smash The Fly is a great game.Smash the Flies with you finger or mouse It is highly entertaining for kids and elders