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Personal Computer Dating Agency V1.1

Computerised Dating Agency. Run your own fun dating agency. Play cupid and match your friends. Handles information purely on your PC. Information is not transmitted onto the Internet nor does it use information from the Internet therefore you


Travel Pad 2.0

The biggest advantage of booking cheap flights online is that it allows you to compare all the flights with each other


Travel Agent

The ideal alternative to manually tracking tourists.


Travel Icon Set

Royalty-free icons representing objects and concepts related to travel industry


Travel Agent

Leading travel agency is not a piece of cake. Become your own boss and build a business from the ground up in this challenging Time Management game. Create fabulous, unique and one-of-a-kind holiday package for each of their clients. Watch out - they can


Why Travel to France v1.0

Screensaver about France travel.


Travel Empire

Create a haven for tourists from all over the world! Start with a few small houses and restaurants. Gradually scale up their "tourist Empire" building cinemas, theaters, swimming pools and other attractions that attract a lot of visitors. When the first m


Time Travel v1.2.0.3

Time Travel is an excellent date calculator for personal and professional use. Calculate the number of days, weeks, months, years between two dates. Go to a number of days, weeks, months and years ago or later from a date. Learn your age in year


Time Travel

Time Travel is a date calculator that allows you to calculate the differences between two dates in days, weeks months or years. It offers advanced options that let you skip certain days of the week, and include or exclude weekdays or...


Only Near Space Travel

Travel around Near Space planets and Sun. It's Solar System on your desktop.