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Dr.Web Anti-virus + Anti-spam 4.44

programming Dr.Web for Windows provides reliable anti-virus protection for computers running Windows 95/98 / Me / NT Workstation / 2000 Professional and Windows XP / Vista. Components of Dr.Web for Windows real-time detect different types of malicious sof


Anti Red Eye

A powerful and handy Photoshop plugin for red eye removal.


AVG Anti-Spyware

AVG Anti-Spyware is another good program from the family of AVG products. This type of application is a perfect complement to anti-virus program. Anti-Spyware provides a very high level of security to protect against such dangers as dialers, Trojans, spyw


Anti Boss Key

Anti Boss Key enables you to quickly hide all open windows from your desktop with the press of a keyboard hotkey or use of a mouse shortcut. The windows are completely hidden from sight and also from the taskbar and system tray area...



Find and delete duplicate files or similar images


Anti Tracks

Anti Tracks enables you to erase your internet tracks, computer activities and other tracks with the click of a button. It supports all major browsers as well as many third party applications via plug-ins. The included plug-in wizard...


anti keylogger 2

Information stealing exists since early days of the World Wide Web. Unfortunately, various kinds of white-collar crime aimed at stealing valuable (in the direct sense) information thrive in cyberspace. The scale of these crimes varies from harvesting emai


AVG Anti-Rootkit

AVG Anti-Rootkit is an advanced utility designed to detect and remove hidden objects known as Rootkits, from your system, is now available for beta testing. AVG Anti-Rootkit can even remove Trojans and Rootkits that are hiding inside NTFS Altern


Anti-Peeper Key

protect your privacy by hiding the windows on your screen.



Anti-Keylogger allows you to detect unauthorized keystroke monitoring programs on your computer. The functionality is based on operating principles common to all types of keystroke monitoring programs and not on a list of known...