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Artificial Life 1.5.0

Artificial Life is a free and open sourced Java framework created to simulate Life. It is a multi-agent framework where each agent runs its own Thread. Three applications are provided with the framework: Instance Server runs Instances and


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bcp 610 deploying blackberry solutions m 9.5.5

Most tests are available for immediate download. CertFX will even manage upgrades for you behind the scenes, continually updating materials to ensure you have the latest test version. Each purchase is valid for one person and can be used on up to two comp


Comodo Security Solutions

The Web is what you make of it! There is no doubt that the Web has evolved from viewing to doing, and it is today the world's foremost communicative medium.


perfect data solutions access repair 2.0

Is your Microsoft Access Database get corrupted and showing something errors like. * It's not a Microsoft Access file? * Microsoft Access has encountered a problem and needs to close. * Unrecognized database format. * Enter Password", even if you never s


osam online solutions autorun manager 4.0

"OSAM" provides an easy one-click way of obtaining detailed information about the components that are run automatically at the system start and can potentially affect its operation. Basically, all types of malicious software that have been around for the


Artificial Fish

This is a artificial fish game. When you run the app, there will be 350 fish in your screen


Artificial Consciousness

The book is interdisciplinary and focuses on the topic of artificial consciousness: from neuroscience to artificial intelligence, from bioengineering to robotics


Artificial Islands

The Artificial Island enables the user to view some of the artificial islands across the world


Artificial Eyes

Most of people don't know pretty much about Artificial Eyes