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Watchdog - O - Matic

Watchdog-O-Matic checks whether selected applications are running correctly and will automatically restart them if they crash. In addition, it can log the error and send an email notification. The program can also detect hanging...


Service - O - Matic

Service - O - Matic enables you to run almost any windows application as a windows service, which allows you to automatically start the program or batch file, even if nobody is logged on to the machine. It supports all the common...


Sniff - O - Matic

Sniff - O - Matic is a simple network protocol analyzer and packet sniffer with an easy to use and unsophisticated interface. It displays a tree view of the captured data, as well as a hex display of the raw capture. The program also...



Search/replace multiple substrings in multiple files.


Shut Down-O-Matic 2.2.2

Shut Down-O-Matic (sdom) is used to turn off or restart the computer with a user-specified time. This application allows you to shutdown, restart, log off. The delay is given in seconds, the format HH: MM: SS (hour, minute, second). The system can be clos


Pixlr-o-matic for Windows 2.1

Pixlr-o-matic for Windows is a free version of the program for smartphones, which allows you to create different visual effects on any of the pictures. The program is used for retouching photos, and also has a number of useful tools to perform minor modif


Du Lịch Sài Gòn-Những Điều Cần Biết

Everything about Saigon!



Same-o-matic is one of the classic puzzle games, Same Game



Letters, numbers, shapes - find them all! A wonderful game for kids already knowing letters and still not reading (2-6 years old)



Tile-matic allows you to easily pin your most frequently used documents directly to your Start screen