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BlueStacks App Player

BlueStacks enables you to run many Android apps in full-screen on your PC. It comes pre-loaded with several popular apps (Evernote, Pulse, Facebook, Fruit Ninja...) and you can download additional apps from the Amazon AppStore, 1 Mobile...


bluestacks app player Beta

Play all your favorite Android apps now on Windows PC - Play Android apps fast and full-screen - Push your favorite apps from your Android phone to your PC using BlueStacks Cloud Connect - Run 10 pre-loaded apps "out of the box" - Install up to 26 more o


BlueStacks App Player Beta

BlueStacks App Player is nothing but an emulator application for Android, which can be run from within Windows. The manufacturer took care of can synchronize which means that Android smartphone users will have access to all purchased and downloaded progra


Net Runner v1.0

Net Runner is an accurate and fast performing analyzer for testing the performance of a network. It does this by communicating with its counterpart, Net Node. Firstly you install Net Node on other computers within the network. Net Node will then


Runner 1.001

Are you tired of all those annoying icons on your desktop? Do you want to actuality see the wallpaper that you spent hours searching for? Did you tried some launcher application that made everything even more complicated? Now you can make your l



CD-Runner is a CD, Multimedia, DVD Player and Ripper, that includes a 15 band spectrum analyzer and EQ, as well as several MP3 and Ogg utilities. The interface uses a home-stereo system faceplate or an alternate car stereo look...


USB Runner 1.0

USBRunner is a solution that makes it possible to autorun programs from USB Flash Drive


Atomic Runner 1.0

Earth is under attack by a strange race of aliens and their cybernetic slaves. It's up to you to quell the threat and restore peace and harmony to the planet. You'll have all kinds of weapons at your disposal to exterminate the alien armada: electric ship


Lode Runner 1.5

Do you remember that classic game by Broderbund? The idea is simple: you control the hero who avoids the guards and collects all the treasure to move on to the next level. The hero cannot kill guards, but can dig holes in the brick floors to temporarily t


Arena Runner

Arena Runner is a very dynamic game, which is a combination of arcade and puzzle. We sit at the controls of the spacecraft, whose task is to get (or invade) the appropriate space on the board. Prevents us from this kind of protective system - located at t