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Pet Eye Fix Guide

Corrects any color (blue, green, yellow) of shining eyes on your pet's photos.


ABC PC - A Guide to PC

The ABC PC - PC Guide is intended for users who want to get some basic information about the structure and principle of operation of the PC computers. In addition, there are also descriptions of peripherals which often stand "opposite" of our home PC scre


Hypertext Guide 2.0

When it comes to HTML, CSS and DHTML...we're serious. We recognize that when you set out to design a webpage, you look for power, speed and ease-of-use. You want an extensive code library that you can tap into on a moment's notice, colorful, working examp


Makeup Guide

Did you forget to tint the lips or eyelids? Correct it right on photos!


guide maker 1

Features: * You can create guides at multiple locations by separating the values with commas. * Use % after the number to place the guide at a value relative to the percent of total Stage width or height (for example, placing 50% in the X: field


Folder Guide

Handy utility that provides fast access to your frequently used folders.


Durbin´s Bar Guide 1.0

Durbin´s Bar Guide is an easy-to-use guide for the home bartender, with 1800+ recipes and general information on various beverages. So what makes Durbin´s Bar Guide different from common cocktail manuals is actually Your Stock On Hand! When


Cosmetic Guide

Not pleased with the wrinkles and blemishes? Correct then right on photos!


TR Product Guide v1.0

The guide features a comprehensive database of fastener specification data sheets which can be accessed using search tool or intuitive direct access menu system. The guide is aimed at buyers and engineers alike and is designed to enhance the spe


Biorhythms Guide

Biorhythms Guide - your helper in health care.