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digital candy 2.2

Digital Candy is a great new program to search for files on the bittorrent networks, giving you a better chance of finding what you require. It will search many sites at the same time, saving you time and it also has an updater, so the sites should always


eye candy

Eye Candy is a set of 30 Photoshop filters that elegantly handle a wide range of design tasks, from slick Web interfaces to tasteful logos to spectacular titles. Realistic simulation of natural phenomena gives beautifully detailed results. Eye Candy's si


Candy Cruncher 1.57

Check out the fast and furious game play in Candy Cruncher! Don't be deceived by its simplicity - only a master Cruncher can eat candy while avoiding the Dreaded Black Jellybeans! The object of Candy Cruncher is to line up and remove complete rows or colu


rocketdock candy pin up icons 1

RocketDock Candy Pin-Up's - Download to have it on your Dock. Enjoy! Do if you like these high glossed icons.


Red Cross ERU

The Red Cross helps those in need around the world regardless of color, creed or gender. Working for the Red Cross might be the toughest activity on Earth. From your decision depends on many lives, so you have to prioritize tasks. When so many people are


be cross 1.0

BE CROSS a TTF character with an original look that will help you change the appearance of your documents.



Solve crosswords, anagrams, word-based puzzles, nonograms and sudokus


falco cross 2.2

Falco Cross is a 3d OpenGL game.


Amigos Cross Sums

Create and solve an unlimited number of Cross Sums / Kakuro puzzles


Cross Fire 1052

Cross Fire is a free online FPS game designed for online gaming. It knocks the player to play as a representative of one of the two warring factions, Global Risk and Black List. Black List is an organization of mercenaries, which advocates the use of viol