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Chain Letters 1.0

Whoever said that working for the IRS is like pulling teeth was wrong - it's surprisingly fun! The IRS have a new plan to make more money out of the poor working classes - they are going to tax all the words in the dictionary! And they're willing to pay


sushi chain 1.0

Help the master sushi chef to line up three or more identical sushi and serve them to customers. Don't let the sushi line get full Eliminate as much sushi as you can before they fall down. Hope you have fun!


carbon effective supply chain simulator 0.1

Carbon Effective Supply Chain Simulator (CESCS) is a software package for simulating green supply chain. A unique approach is taken to help achieve the optimal balance between carbon footprint, supply chain cost, service level, and product quality.


chemical reaction a brk 2.14

An original truetype font that will change the look of your documents.


chemical reaction b brk 2.1

Chemical Reaction B BRK is a TTF character that will give a fresh new look to your written papers.


Static Reaction v1.1

This program is useful if you need to calculate the static pressure of one crane onto the rails.


sbml reaction finder 1.2.1

Easily find and extract specific chemical reactions from the BioModels database. Features * Autosuggest for Gene Ontology terms * Update feature ensures access to the latest version of BioModels repository


EBAS reaction calculator

universal chemical equation balancer and stoichiometry calculator


gray scott reaction diffusion model 1

The Gray-Scott Reaction Diffusion Model displays the spatial concentration of chemical species U and V under the influence of the reaction U+2V->3V and V->P. The simulation models this reaction in an open system with a constant addition of U and removal


Chain Reaction PC

A fun and colourful puzzle game for all the family