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All My Books

Organize your bookshelves with an electronic librarian


All My Books 03/02/1206

All My Books is a perfect solution for those with a large number of books and who want to keep their paper collections in the best order. Main features: - Fast downloading books database, review and book covers, - Ability to store information about the au


Flying Books

The Flying Books screensaver shows a flock of books flapping over your screen. You can set the number of books and the type of background. Images were rendered with POVRayâ„¢.


Apexico VAT-Books

VAT-Books is an easy to use cashbook which can also produce your VAT returns.


traditional medicine books dictionary 3.0

Traditional medicine books dictionary has collected more than 150 ancient medicine books' brief introduction in China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, etc. It has 8 classified catalogues, whose names are translated according to the newest specification of WHO. And


Classic FTP 2.16

Classic FTP is an easy-to-use and completely free FTP client. The tool allows you to retrieve, send and view the files on the server. The application is equipped with two windows improve traffic between folders. In addition, the program has a window indic


Classic Shell

Classic Shell enables you to restore several classic Windows features that have been changed in Windows Vista and Seven. For one, the program lets you replace the new Windows 7 Start Menu with the classic version that you are familiar...


Classic Home 8

Classic Home 8 is a free cap system, restoring the classic start menu in Windows 8 Overlay restores not only the Start button, but also a menu with access to the most important and popular features and tools in the system. Overlay Classic Home 8 is essen


Classic Videopoker 1.0

The impression of Classic Videopoker game is the most striking. You see a comfortable room which disposes to the rest and exultant mood. The game space is originally designed and the cards are of special theme. Learn all of them during the play and increa


Classic Shell 3.6.7

Classic Shell is a frontend interface of Windows to restore the Start menu and many of the previous features that have been removed, along with the evolution of the system from the "windows". Classic Shell is designed for people who new Modern UI interfac