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cookie rotator 1

Great Cookie Content Rotators of all kinds in PHP or Javascript in all timings! Rotate complete content, complete images, complete text options and in order. Great random rotators that cannot pick the same item twice in a row unless you want them to, come


Cookie Editor

Cookie Editor helps you to manage your Internet Explorer, Netscape and Mozilla/Firefox cookies. You can view, edit, block or delete any unwanted cookies as well as your browsing history. In addition, the program allows you to block...


Cookie Feeder 1.0

Cookie Feeder is a tiny program that is used to deliver short messages contained in a simple text file


cookie monster 3.47

This utility is a manager for the cookies created by the most usual Windows browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Mozilla and Opera (only basic support for this one). It also works with any Gecko-based browser and most of the browsers based


Cookie Viewer 3.6

Discover the information that web sites store on your computer. This Power Tool automatically scans your computer, looking for "cookies" created by Microsoft´s Internet Explorer and Netscape´s Navigator. It can then display the data stored in


Cookie Killer (on-the-fly) 2.0.2

Small and easy application that sits in your tray area and kills cookies of Internet Explorer browser instantly as soon as they appear on your hard drive (on-the-fly or by selected time intervals). Cookie Killer will protect your privacy whi


Cookie Eraser 1.02

Cookie Eraser is a simple-to-use tool that will help you identify, verify and erase cookies from your computer. Most unwanted files are often in the form of hidden files or "cookies" and are difficult to identify and locate. Cookie Eraser can er


Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster is a tool to manage and delete your browser cookies. It supports Internet Explorer, Opera, Google Chrome and Firefox - allowing you to manage all your cookies from a single location. Once started, Cookie Monster will list...


MAXA Cookie Manager

MAXA Cookie Manager enables you to manage your cookies across multiple browsers. The program supports conventional browser cookies as well as the newer Flash and Silverlight cookies, and allows you to view, manage and delete the cookie...


Cache Cookie Washer 4.5

Your browser records your Internet surfing habits. Netscape, Internet Explorer, AOL and many other web browsers all store copies of every web page you've visited, every picture viewed, and small text files called "cookies" placed by some web sites on your