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disk data eliminator

If you have deleted your important files folders permanently from recycle bin, only file name is removed from the disk?s root index, but the data still remains on the disk. Don?t worry! Data wiper software provide an advance solution for ensuring data pr


HotPixels Eliminator

Some of the more expensive cameras lets you to extend your exposure time even for few seconds(Sony 505V up to 8 sec). That s cool, but when you actually try it, your image will be .... full of stars! Tiny little white dots, all over...


Password Eliminator .XLS

Password Eliminator .XLS is a program to unprotect Workbooks and Sheets of Excel


Taskbar Eliminator

Taskbar Eliminator is a simple tool that enables you to completely hide the Windows Taskbar, allowing you to make full use of your desktop space. You can hide/unhide the taskbar at any time by pressing ALT+T on your keyboard and use...


Dupe Eliminator for iTunes

Dupe Eliminator for iTunes enables you to find and remove duplicate songs, TV shows, movies, podcasts as well as dead links in your iTunes library. You can customize the criteria that are used to consider a file duplicate, and also...


swift rootkit web bug worm eliminator 1.0.84

Swift Rootkit Web Bug Worm Eliminator will protect you by scanning your entire computer system against a database of thousands of known spyware and adware threats and then alert you to any infections found. It will also provide you with a detailed report


Content Advisor Password Eliminator

Internet Explorer Content Advisor Password Remover


content advisor password eliminator

Content Advisor Password Eliminator is a program to remove Internet Explorer Content Advisor Password. this Password also known as Internet Explorer Supervisor Password. The password is usually set by the parents when they want to prevent their children a


swift joke web bug zombie eliminator 1.4.19

The most significant new feature of Swift Joke Web Bug Zombie Eliminator is the 9 Real-Time Protections, This feature tracks execution of every program in the system,These shields work much like security checkpoints in your computer, monitoring system, ap


speed adware adload keyloggers eliminator 1.2.87

Speed Adware Adload Keyloggers Eliminator includes a redesigned engine, improved code sequence identification, incremental definition updates, one-click Web-history cleanup, multiple browser support, and other new features. Scan your system for ad-suppor