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Music Making in MS Word

Create feature-rich Microsoft Word documents with music notation


belief and decision networks 5.1.9

Bayesian Networks, also called Belief or Causal Networks, are a part of probability theory and are important for reasoning in AI. They are a powerful tool for modelling decision-making under uncertainty. The purpose of this tool is to illustrate the way i


Decision Assistant Model Excel

Decision support for planning, budgeting, operational, and investment decisions


linear decision diagram Release 4285

LDD is a data structure for representing formulas in linear arithmetic (LA) and its fragments. It is designed to be efficient for tasks that are at the core of many program analysis and software model checking techniques (e.g., predicate abstraction). Suc


The Decision Making Helper

Do you have a question you can't make a decision on? Pull out this app and ask it a yes/no response type question and it'll help you make your decision!


Decision Making Wheel

The Decision Making Wheel is the best way to make decisions you don't want to or when it is hard to choose from similar options


My Decision 2012

Its election time, people need to know what our candidates are saying, doing, tweeting and sharing


The Decision Helper

Are you having trouble making up your mind? Are you having difficulty making a decision between a couple of choices? Are you and your friends having trouble agreeing on what to do? If you can answer yes to these questions, this app was designed for you


Decision Maker HD

Do you have an important decision to make?Play the game!If you pull the burnt match you lose


Decision Helper

Solve all of your decision issues with one app! This app offers several ways of narrowing down the hard and easy decisions for you in life