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Bank 2.0

The program allows multiple users to record all expenses, revenues and loans. This application allows you to view, modify, and delete income, expenditures and loans from the selected month. You can also view the balance of the selected month or all time (


Spiteful Bank

Spiteful Bank is an engaging and challenging double-solitaire card game.



Bank-transfer (printed matter) is a computer program that allows easy and quick displaying or printing the following prints: form - bank transfer, remittance - cash payment, remittance - cash payment + side confirmation of payment, social security - bank


Assistant Bank Statements 03/13/22

Assistant lifts Bank is a program for processing of bank statements from CSV files. You can create a registry of bank credits and debits by importing your bank statements from banks such as Inteligo Millennium mBank Dotpay PKOBP, Alior Bank. Register lift


perfect bank icons 2010.6

Enhance an accounting package or banking software with appealing graphics. Perfect Bank Icons depict numerous concepts and symbols related to accounting and banking, including currencies, financial symbols, files, customers, percentage points, and many mo


Bank Interest Rate Calculator 1.0

Bank Interest Rate Calculator.


Overzicht Concerten België

All news about concerts and festivals in Belgium bundled in one App


Deutsche Kennzeichen

Aus welcher Stadt kommt das Auto vor mir? Wie war noch einmal das Kennzeichen für die Stadt Kiel? Die App 'Kennzeichen' hilft Ihnen bei der Beantwortung der Frage, denn hier werden übersichtlich alle gültigen Kennzeichen Deutschlands dargestellt


Deutsche Sporthilfe

Die Deutsche Sporthilfe unterstützt erfolgreich den Nachwuchs- und Spitzensport in Deutschland, aktuell rund 3


Deutsche Unregelmäßige Verben

This application is your individual teacher and trainer in studying german irregular verbs