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My Wallet v1.4

My Wallet is a free password management tool that helps you keep web passwords, bank account passwords and other passwords in a single, secure location.


Text Wallet 1.9

Text Wallet is a simple panel for storing and recalling to the clipboard frequently used text strings. Just write to permanently store to disk, or just touch text field for auto-copying text to the clipboard -ready to paste. Text strings can be


My Wallet Pro

My Wallet Pro is an application which helps you keep track of money matters


M.I.L.I: Wallet

Thank you for your interest in M.I.L.I: Wallet the first in the series of M


Wallet Backup

Losing your wallet or purse is a traumatic experience, get protection with The Wallet Backup


Secure Wallet

Have a lot of passwords, creditcards and bank accounts? Then use this app to store all the personal account informations secure! The app uses very high encrypt and decypt standarts to make it unpossible to steal your data!


Metro Wallet

Metro Wallet will give you a fun way to manage your wallet, bank account, and credit card


Medical Wallet

Medical Wallet is the perfect and secure tool to store, monitor and manage your health information from your Tablet/Laptop/PC with Windows 8


The Lost Wallet

When Mick and his dog Baloney saw a man drop his wallet they picked it up with the intentions of returning the wallet by using the address on the man's ID


Barcode Wallet

Save space in your wallet by digitizing the barcodes of any loyalty or memberships cards that you carry around