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Better File Select

wildcard file selection integrated right into the Windows Explorer


Video Select

Quite useful for anyone with a large CDR multimedia collection. One CD usually ends up with several different files on it. Video Select will pop-up a dialog box if the executable and accompanying files are burned in to the root directory of a


Startup Select

Startup manager removes harmful programs from running when PC turns on.


Select Folder Express 1.5

Select Folder Express is the fastest way you can access your files in the Windows Explorer.It can operate as the part of your context menu in your Windows Explorer. All you need to do is to right-click on your Explorer and the Select Folder option is disp


MailCOPA Email Client

Multi User and Multiple Machine Email Client


GREmail - Email Preview Client

Professional Email Preview Client with SSL/TLS support for Windows 7/Vista/XP


count 24

A small Windows application to get fomulas to count for 24 from 4 numbers between 1 - 13.


AKS Word Count

Count words and lines in PDF, Word, Excel, HTML


Body Count 1.0

The Earth is under attack by vicious aliens that are intent on annihilating the planet?and all its inhabitants! There's only one man with the strength and courage to stand up to this threat and save the world from total destruction: Jon Steadman. You take


Email Sentinel Pro Email AntiVirus

Prevent malware emails from reaching your Inbox folders.