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Fifi Chat Server

Build your own web based chat room on your PC. Works without web server even win 98! One clicking quick start! No Java + no ActiveX = high performance + best compatibility! Support emotions, actions, filters, emoticons even sound and


Fifi's Fun Shopping Trip by MeeGenius

"Fifi's Fun Shopping Trip" by MeeGenius is a beautifully illustrated e-book with enhanced features such as professional narration and word highlighting that promote reading comprehension skills



This App Gives to information About Hacking..


Hacking 101

Want to create cool stuff? This App has got all the recipes to get you started with your hacking for the greater good


Pro Hacking

Want to become a pro hacker you can get all the resources ,tutorials,free tools,video turorials, ebooks abount 50+resources


Hacking Secrets

This app helps you to get rid of intruders who trying to access your valuable data and information


Hollywood Hacking

This is hacking as Hollywood envisions it. Hit random buttons on keyboards, click and drag files to bypass firewalls, and invent inexplicable and misused jargon to break into secure servers


Hacking University

Hacking University is a app meant for windows, to give latest pranks which is efficient for every-day computing


google hacking

Ever tired of searching for the content on google. Use this app to make your life simpler


Hacking Info

his application contains 5 modules.They are given below as: 1