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sketchy times 1.100

!Sketchy Times is a ttf character with an original look that will change the appearance of your digital documents.


chaos times 1

Chaos Times is a character with an original look that will help you change the appearance of your digital documents.


Times Tables

A tiny program that teaches times tables 0-12. Do you know what 8x7 is? Features: Sequential Mode Random Mode Administrator Mode User Stats


Discord Times

Ages abounded in many wars and conflicts. Take on the role of the prince and try to get with the help of economics, diplomacy, or a sword to accept as many warring tribes. Waiting for you an exciting game - a combination of strategy and RPG. Simple contro


muslim prayer times 1.0.5

A .NET based application for displaying prayer times via windows taskbar. Features * Compact, non-intrusive, office appropriate design * Visual warnings of prayer times * Ability to customize colors and amount of information * No audio su


Auriga Times Tables

Today's technology can help you learn the times tables without you notice it.


Financial Fate 1.0

Financial Fate projects all sources and uses of family cash flows for the do-it-yourselfer. Detailed reports such as investment plans, balance sheets, tax plans, and cash flow projections are made available to the user with year-by-year and lin


Financial Fate

Financial Fate enables you to predict your financial future based on a detailed analysis of your family finances. In order to make an accurate prediction, the program requires in-depth information about all your current and future...


J and L Financial Planner

Top rated financial planning software to create personal financial plans.


Speaking Times Table Tutor

Get a child off to a great start in maths! Keeps them occupied, out of trouble