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FingerPrint allows you to monitor whether files in monitored directories have been created, deleted, or changed since the last scan. When you first run the software it performs an initial scan of the specified directories and indexes...


MD5 Fingerprint 1.1

MD5 Fingerprint is a simple application that can be used to calculate the MD5 hash for any file, and then compare it to another one


Balloons Screenlock

This simple application allows you to install beautiful Hot Air Balloon images, collected in my travels around the world, as a lock screen image


Fingerprint MatchMaker

ATTENTION!! Tablet or multitouch (at least 2 touch points) screen is needed for this app!You and your friend/partner each place a finger on the reserved places


IQ Fingerprint Scanner

Have your fingerprint analyzed to find out your IQ! Test your friends and see how they measure up to your smarts!Just place your finger on the scanning apparatus and have your neural networks scanned to estimate your quantitative brilliance!SCANNER FEATUR


Lie Detector Fingerprint Scanner

Lie Detector is a fun and free fingerprint scanner prank app that tries to determine if statements you make are true or false based on your thumb print scan


Fingerprint Luck Scanner

Fingerprint Luck Scanner is a fun and free finger print scanner game that tries to detect what your luck for the day will be based off of the biometric readings from your fingerprint scan


Dinosaur Fingerprint Scanner

Travel millions of years back in time to discover your inner dinosaur! The Dinosaur Fingerprint Scanner will reveal the dino hidden deep inside you


Fortune Fingerprint Scanner

Have your fingerprint analyzed to see what your fortune will be in the new year with the Fortune Fingerprint Scanner!Just place your finger on the ancient ying-yang and see what the future holds for you!SCANNER FEATURES:FULL SPECTRUM ANALYZER - Not all fo


Spirit Animal Fingerprint Scanner

Connect with the Spirit Animal living inside your heart and finally unlock your true potential! The Spirit Animal Fingerprint Scanner will reveal your animal companion and the qualities you inherit from it's essence!Place your finger on the Spirit Glyph a