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Firefly Internet Phone 3.2.1

Firefly is Freshtel´s fully-featured Internet Phone. You can make phone calls to any other Firefly users anywhere in the world for free. You also get instant messaging to other Firefly users, as well as your own Voicemail box so people can leav



Tap the firefly by catching them. If you love fireflies catch them at night time


Firefly Watch

Spotting fireflies is a special part of warm summer nights, but lately, they seem to be disappearing from our landscape


Catch A Firefly

Have fun as you catch fireflies! Be careful because you can only miss 3 fireflies before you must start over! Keep trying to beat your previous score!


Shiny The Firefly

This adorable game, set in the middle of a picturesque garden, has you helping Shiny, the cute little firefly, to find his babies


Firefly Serenity

You are the pilot of the Firely Serenity. Pit your vessel against the onslaught of reaver ships! Be a leaf in the wind and soar! Instructions: Press the arrow keys to move and the left mouse button to fire your weapon


Firefly Runner

Help Switch the courageous firefly run, fly, shoot and rescue his captured firefly friends


Firefly Maze

The game does not suport touch screen, such interaction demands keybord


Firefly Teacher Planner

**PLEASE NOTE: CURRENTLY REQUIRES YOUR SCHOOL TO USE THE FIREFLY LEARNING PLATFORM**Teacher Planner lets you access timetables, lesson plans, class lists and student information at any time



Firefly is the destination for all browncoats to head on their Windows Phone 7 devices, with the latest news on the Firefly & Serentity universes, plenty of images, sounds and ringtones from the series! Update 1