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Flat Assembler 1.69.03

The flat assembler is a fast and efficient self-assembling x86 assembler for DOS, Windows and Linux operating systems. Currently it supports all 8086-80486/Pentium instructions with MMX, 3DNow! and SSE up to SSE4 extensions, and x86-64 (both


Flat File Checker

FlaFi is a simple tool for validation of flat files (*.txt, *.csv, etc.) that contain data. FlaFi has intuitive user interface that allows to build Flat File Schema with business rules. Validation can be run through GUI or command line for batch


Flat Out

Flat Out - A fast-paced gem-matching arcade game. Complete puzzles by connecting intricate sequences of gems to refuel


Run Flat Out

An exciting an challenging running game that gets harder as you go


Flat War

Flat War is an endless top-down shooting game in a flat world


Flat Out - Stickman PRO

If ordinary darts games don't make you happy anymore and you would like to try something more challenging – here you are! Try Flat Out – Stickman, our brand-new game you will need to use your brain to master! A whole new level of stickman games – launch a


Flat Jumper

An amazing jumping game with challenging, changing platforms and items that may help or hinder your goal of going as high as you can to get the best score


Music Flat

Fast and fluid app for organizing and listening to music


Flat Charts

Flat Charts is a nice application for making simplistic charts


Flat Icon Ideas

this app provides you flat icon ideas.