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CheckIt Firewall Sensor 1.0

Use to determine whether you are behind a firewall or NAT (Network Address Translator). This utility is useful when encountering problems attempting to make an Internet video call.



Application shows information about the system, devices and sensors built in tablet PC, notebook, all-in-one PC or desktop PC


Sensor Map

Sensor map is a mapping application with several informative map layers, capable of utilizing your Ultrabook's sensors


Sensor Checker

This application show sensor's current values. you can see each sensors' each measured value


Light Sensor

Ambient Light Sensor, reads value in lux, logs maximum and minimum values


TI Sensor Tag Reader

TI Sensor Tag Reader allows you to read all sensors from the Texas Instruments Sensor Tag Bluetooth LE device


Sensor List

Sensor List provides you with a detailed summary of your devices sensors, all on one page!Accesses:Accelerometer,Compass,Gyrometer (Gyroscope),Inclinometer,Network Connectivity,Geolocation,Light Sensor


Sensor List Pro

Sensor List Pro provides you with a detailed summary of your devices summary sensors, all on one page, as well as providing real-time graphs of incoming data!


RK Sensor Monitor

This app is meant for developers to view the sensor information on Windows based tablets


Sensor Fusion

This sample contains the starting point for a situation monitor