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One Google

One Google is an unofficial client app for major services offered by Google Inc


Google Rss

The Google Rss app, Let you read your google reader news in windows modern UI



Google+Plus is the Windows 8.1 app for all things Google+


All about the google

Check out the latest updates around the globe and never miss a thing


Let me Google that for you

Are you annoyed by friends who ask the dumbest questions? Well now you can point them to lmgtfy


Just Google it!

Just Google it! app let you use Google search, Google+, Google translate, Google maps, Gmail, Youtube and Google news at one place


Google Fan App

This app connects the user to all things Google. Learn more about your favorite search engine and what is new in the world of Google


Google Blog

Google Blog - the client to read the Google Blog.Application allows you to read your favorite blog articles in a pleasant form, without being distracted by advertising


Google Search

The world’s information at your fingertips. A familiar, fast, and precise way to find answers on your Windows 8 device


google hacking

Ever tired of searching for the content on google. Use this app to make your life simpler