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Heat Online Beta

Heat Online is the MMO game, through which we will take part in exciting races of tuned cars.  During the game we will compete with other players moving up to the top of his career. While playing, collect funds, allowing us to buy upgrades to our cars an


StatTrak for Basketball

StatTrak for Basketball is a complete stats program with many options.


Basketball Predictor

Program predicts Basketball game results with great accuracy!


shell and tube heat exchanger 1.1

Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchanger - is a user friendly program which for a given heat exchanger initial conditions and geometry predicts outlet temperatures of both shell-side and tube-side fluids, heat exchanged, pressure drop on the tube sides and fluid vel


draft day sports pro basketball 1.42

The ability to control all decisions for your team or play strictly as coach or general manager and interact to share duties and team control with an AI counterpart that may or may not do things as you want them done new limited ratings mode option g


Basketball Roster Organizer v1.0

Basketball Roster Organizer is a freeware program designed for basketball coaches of kids leagues and city leagues. It allows coaches to plan and track their basketball team roster. The Roster Assistant can be used to make sure each basketball


Basketball Roster Organizer

Coaches plan your teams basketball line-up for the season.


Freestyle Street Basketball

Freestyle Street Basketball is a free sports game MMO, which, as the title says, will allow us to take part in the competition of street basketball. Matches are held between the two teams, the skald which shall consist of three players. Each player, depen


Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger Design

Thermal analysis and calculations for gasketed plate heat exchangers, Easy 2 use


Double Pipe Heat Exchanger Design

Step by step thermal design calculations of double pipe heat exchangers