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data recovery softwares 1.1

We are providing one of the best remarkable data recovery softwares data recovery tools in the field of data recovery. Our hard drive data recovery software have potential to carry out all your lost data from any kind of data lost conditions. We design


Hide IP NG 1.81

Hide IP NG (Next Generation) is a lightweight and easy-to-use tool designed for users who value privacy on the web. With this small application can hide its own IP address on the Internet. In this way we increase security while browsing the web. Using the


hide ip ng 1.64

Hide IP NG (short for Hide IP Next Generation) is the software you are looking for! Keeping your privacy is simple and easy: just start Hide IP NG! Key Features of Hide IP NG: Don't waste time in testing slow and dangerous public proxies. Just select a


Hide My IP

Conceal your online identity by hiding or changing your IP address on websites.


Hide All v1.0

Use Hide All to get rid of windows that you need open, but don´t use all the time so that they don´t clutter your taskbar. For instance, email clients, management utilities, etc. Hide All also allows you to hide all your desktop icons as w


Hide My Folders

Hide My Folders enables you to hide selected folders or files, so that they can only be seen after they have been unlocked with a master password. The program prevents hiding of system files, so that you cannot accidentally lock your...


Hide Window Plus 2.0

Hide Window Plus lets you instantly hide any window off your screen with a single keystroke or right click on the Close button. Plus this utility allows you to quickly run a screensaver, turn off monitor or mute sound using hotkeys. Program runs invisibly


Quick Hide IP

Hide your internet identity, so you surf web while hiding real IP and location.


hide folder ext 1.1

This unique program lets you hide a folder on external or removable disks and protect it with a password. While all other folder hiding programs are intended to hide folders on internal hard drives, Hide Folder Ext hides data on external devices. It's imp


Taskbar Hide

Taskbar Hide allows you to control your taskbar and optionally hide/unhide or re-arrange programs. You can also choose to temporarily minimize a program to the system tray. You can also minimize/maximize all windows at once and hide any...