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Icon Constructor - advanced icon creator

Icon Constructor converts BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, PSD, TGA, TIFF formats into icons



In Java, allows you to find out where the mouse in on the screen


Lazy Mouse v1.2.6

Lazy Mouse is a free, easy to access menu that can appear anywhere in the screen! It list your favorite files, programs and folders. Plus, it allows you to navigate directories faster.To access Lazy Mouse, double-click the middle mouse button or


Mouse Trainer 1.2.6

Mouse Trainer will quickly train any novice user to use the mouse. It is ideal for computer training centres and workshops. In about 60 minutes time, a novice computer user can become acquainted with clicking, double-clicking and dragging, witho


Mouse Extender

Mouse Extender is an application and folder launcher that you can use to quickly access your favorite program, folders or files by simple clicking your middle mouse button or a keyboard shortcut. The program brings up a compact...


Mouse Gestures 1.2

Mouse Gestures is an open source (LGPL) pure Java library for recognition and processing mouse gestures


Mouse Without Borders

Mouse Without Borders enables you to control up to 4 networked computers with a single mouse and keyboard without the need for any KVM hardware. Simply install the program on each computer you want to control, follow the setup...


Spot on the Mouse

Spot on the Mouse is a mouse pointer action and keyboard visualization software that is designed to improve visibility of the mouse pointer, especially when used to demonstrate or teach software on a computer screen. Once activated, the...


Mouse Off-road 2.17

A!K Mouse Off-road is an odometer for your mouse! It tracks movement of the mouse and the time of a mouse activity. All tracked information is shown on the indicator window and may be exported to a .txt file.


mouse hunter 1.43

Free utility that optimizes the work with the mouse wheel under MS Windows. When you rotate the mouse wheel scroll the UI element, that is located under the mouse cursor. But not the element, that has the input focus (which responds to input from the keyb