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Newspaper A or Z

Challenge your knowledge of what is and what is not, choose the correct theme for the word


i Newspaper

i is the newspaper for today - an essential daily briefing from The Independent


US Newspaper

This app pre-bookmarked some English popular newspaper websites and links to the news about the United State


Al Rai Newspaper

يوفر البرنامج آخر الأخبار من جريدة الراي الكويتية لقراءتها بسهولة


Newspaper Connectaword

Connectaword is a paced puzzle game where the player has to complete 5 or 10 words with a set of letters that will only fit in those 5 words, the faster the player does this the better their time will be!


Internet Newspaper

The Internet Newspaper based on the popular news format RSS


Newspaper Wordhang

Learning to spell the fun way, Wordhang is a theme based game where the player has to guess the missing letters in a word from a certain theme before the man has been hung, this is a score based game with the high score being recorded for replayability


Newspaper Ball

A fun twist on a retro favourite! Use the ball to hit the objects and score point!


Newspaper Alpharain

Alpharain is a difficult puzzle game, which puts the player in a racy position to fill in as many words as possible, using the falling letters within the time limit, the more words they complete, the higher their score!


Chinese Newspaper

This app pre-bookmarked some popular Chinese newspaper websites