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lottery picks 2.0.1

Lottery Picks was written to assist picking of random lottery numbers. When you press the "Generate New Numbers" button you see five random numbers between one and 39 plus a Bonus Ball random number within this range. These are the picks needed to play t


Samsung PC Studio 3.2.1

Samsung PC Studio is a program that allows you to manage your mobile phone from your computer. This is the original software provided by the manufacturer of Samsung mobile phones. The program can connect via a USB cable, IRDA or via Bluetooth. The applica


Samsung New PC Studio 1.5.1

Samsung New PC Studio is a smart software for modern Samsung mobile phones. The application has a very pleasant, intuitive interface and allows you to manage phone content from a PC. New PC Studio supports connection via USB cable or Bluetooth connecti


samsung secretzone 2.1.619

If you want to keep private information or if you want to move your data to a different location, you can use SecretZone, the secure, perfect solution to do these tasks easily and conveniently.