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Large Lotek 1.3 WIN

Application for generation of game systems for numerical Big Lotek. The program identifies and presents guarantees winnings and the cost of sending blanks, draw simulates and checks the selected systems. The simulation generates a series of lottery draws


Large Lotek REM 1.22

Large Lotek REM are designed to assist in number games "Big Lotek". The application is very easy to use, has a lot of tips and detailed Help developed. Large Lotek REM has a database of draws since the beginning of the game - 27/01/1957, which can be a


Large Money Icons

Lots of money related icons to enhance an interface of a business application


Large People Icons

Toolbar icons depicting people's jobs, groups, family status and ethnicities


Large Portfolio Icons

A nice collection of high-res portfolio icons for design with sources


large file finder 2.0.0

This is a free tool that can help you to find out the largest file on you disk. It's very useful when you want to free some space but do not know which file eats you space.


Large Time Icons

Large Time Icons set will give your application a contemporary look


Large Toolbar Icons

Large Toolbar Icons set will give your application a contemporary look


Large File Splitter 1.0

Large File Splitter is a freeware to split large files in Windows. It makes easier the web distribution and the file sharing by splitting large files into small fragments. Large File Splitter supports an integrated MD5 checksum to warrant th


Large User Icons

Attractive icons for users of all types will instantly add value to any program.