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lazy ass 1.0

If you're self employed, a contractor or otherwise find yourself stuck on your ass all day in front of a computer then you need this. Lazy Ass is a desktop application for your PC that will remind you to get of your bum and do something every 50 minutes.


Lazy Mail 1.0

Lazy Mail is the easiest way for programmers to add outgoing email capabilities to their programs. Lazy Mail is completely self-contained, so there are no installation hassles, no dependence on MAPI or Outlook, no security warnings from overprotective ema


lazy web search 2.0

Lazy Web Search is a popular web tool to search the web by hot key. With Lazy Web Search you can search the web from Microsoft Word, Excel, Internet Explorer, and even from Notepad. You don't have to type keywords into search box anymore; just mark an app


Lazy Mouse v1.2.6

Lazy Mouse is a free, easy to access menu that can appear anywhere in the screen! It list your favorite files, programs and folders. Plus, it allows you to navigate directories faster.To access Lazy Mouse, double-click the middle mouse button or


Lazy Minesweeper v1.0

This little Minesweeper auto detect obvious bombs and clear surrounded aeras to unfold the difficulties and let you think for them


Lazy Bug

Larry is hungry but he is too lazy to do anything about it


Lazy Man

Here is an narrative of Lazy Man.


Lazy Eye Breaker

(If you experience any bug please contact me in mail I will fix it in short time)This type of wall breaker game can help you to impove your vision in a pleasure way


Lazy Rules

Laugh off to the amazing lazy rules. Jokes to tickle your funny bones


Lazy Garfield

The winner of touchdevelop contest and one of the best games of TouchdevelopAs usual Garfield is hungry again and you have to help him to collect foods, in the meanwhile you have to make sure that he doesn't fall from the Hotdog Platforms