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Application Mover

Application Mover enables you to move existing software installations to another drive (on the same computer) without having to reinstall the software. It copies all the files in the selected program folders and the searches the...


Application As Service

Application As Service enables you to run any application as a Windows Service, using a simple interface that lets you select the file to run, set service properties, optional dependencies and other details. You can also choose to run...


web designer application 9.0

This software allows you to create totally customized websites easily and effortlessly through its point and click design. This entire website was created in ABCWebWizard! Aside from software screenshots, only the text was entered, and the software did th


DC Application Protector

protect windows-executable trial versions of your software against piracy.


Query Application

A small network tool that provides a wide range of Internet information including Host To IP, IP To Host, Whois, Finger, HTML header information, FTP query, Get Time, Port Scan, Ping, Traceroute and more. In addition, the modem dialog...

Free application application has spell check as you type, web spell checker


CD Match Application

Launches any program for inserted CD - just associate program(s) to launch with your CD. To launch the program from CDs, you only need "autorun.inf" file: when your desire changes, change the program(s) to launch. For foreign CDs (which ar


Kemet Application 1.2.3r1

WYSIWIG and funny software to transliterate Egyptian hieroglyphs. It´s a help to study the hieroglyphs. It´s a part of KEMET project.


job application assistant

Frustrated with always minimizing/maximizing, copying and pasting information, then again minimizing/maximizing the windows each time you want to reply to a single post on craigslist? Sounds like this can get discouraging. Don't give up, simply download


Application Monitor 1.0

Application Monitor is a program that constantly checks the processes previously chosen by the user, and when it detects that one of those processes has stopped working it will start it again. With Application Monitor you will always be sure