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Tip Tap Tile 1.0.3

In this game you will be on a grid of tiles and you need to turn all the tiles to white


Tile Panic 1.1

An easy to learn, hard to master type of addictive puzzle game. The simple premise is to try and slide tiles around on the playfield so that they touch tiles of the same color. Once five or more tiles of the same color are touching, the player gets poi


tile downloader 1.2

A windows program for bulk downloading selections of OpenStreetMap tiles from selected servers. Written in Visual Basic Features * Select an area of tiles to download using a slippy map * Download from the tile server of your choice * Update


Tile Builder

Tile Builder creates fantastic attractive seamless patterns using symmetry rules


Tile Puzzle in Excel 1.0

This is an Excel puzzle for arranging numbered tiles sequentially, very good for improving analytical skills of kids.


Tile Builder Art Pack

100 free patterns and 25 masks generated by ImageSkill Tile Builder.


tile visual quality 1

Simple python code that produces color-coded quality plots based on fastq format read quality scores. Scores are averaged over binned read tile coordinates. Useful for spotting spatial quality patterns. Use: python fastq_file


AshSofDev Sliding Tile Puzzle

AshSofDev Sliding Tile Puzzle is a sliding tile puzzle similar to the old child'


ITE Live 1.0

Software that allows observation of quotes and preparation of analyzes based on updated data automatically from the Polish stock market and currency market. Quotations are provided by the service and include real-time data from the foreign exc


Quake Live

Quake Live is a free game of the genre MMOFPS that runs through a web browser. This game is a slightly modified version of the very popular at the time of production, titled Quake III Arena. As with the original, choosing your own character, we become par