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Formula Calculator v2.0.2

Formula Calculator contains an advanced calculator with a built-in temperature converter. Requires: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.


Maths is fun

Math is fun is a program for the use by the youngest users of the computer, and is used for learning multiplication tables. Colourful artwork attracts the attention of the child, and thus the study is associated with something pleasant. The program displa


random maths question generator 0.5.3 Alpha

The Random Maths Question Generator or RMQG for short is as you would have guessed it a program that generates rondom maths questions.



This is an app in which you got to see all kinds of maths formula that is ranging from general maths to high ranges of formula


Maths Formula Guide

Maths Formula Guide contains all basic formulas in mathematics in each categories


Formula Pad

Formula Pad is a simple math formula editor using Google Chart API


Formula TeX

Do you need to transform that equation in LaTeX into an image that you can paste everywhere? This is your app!Simply insert the TeX equation into the box and get the image generated in no time


Fórmula 1

Trivia de Fórmula 1 para los apasionados de la velocidad


BMI (New Formula)

Oxford researchers have proposed a new formula for BMI


Formula Focus

get your formulas and calculations done here.