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Inbox 2.00

Inbox is the middle man, the central scrutinizer for your email; fetching, collating and filtering your mail before you download it to your mail client. You can aggressively deal with unwanted mail saving you time and bandwidth. Mail can be down


inbox repair 7.05.01

With Kernel for Outlook, the user can be rest assured that he is using the best inbox repair tool that is capable of recovering all emails from corrupt or damaged PST file within few minutes. To recover emails and other items such as attachments, contacts


PC Locker Pro 1.2

PC Locker Pro V1.2 Copyright(c) Silver Eagle Software,Inc. All Rights Reserved. Email: Introduction PC Locker Pro is a software that lock and protect your comp


PC Locker Pro v1.2

PC Locker Pro is a software that locks and protects your computer when you leave. It has a pretty and friendly interface. ( The interface is the style of WindowsXP. ) It is a powerful software and easy to use. You can lock your computer just by


A+ Folder Locker

A+ Folder Locker enables you to hide your sensitive files and folders inside secure containers that are password protected and encrypted. Once you unlock a container it is mounted as virtual drive and you can access your files from...


Screen Locker

This is a small and simple application which locks your PC screen


Text Locker 8.04

Text Locker is an encryption tool that allows you to protect your private data


System Locker 2.40

System Locker is a handy utility that allows you to protect your personal computer from unauthorized access. You can use System Locker to restrict access to your PC. It's attractive, secure, and very easy to use. It starts automatically with Windows and o


AB Screen Locker 3.62

A small utility that allows you to lock your screen. Any key combinations (like CTRL+ALT+DEL, ALT+TAB or CTRL+ESC) are disabled, the mouse cursor is hidden, the taskbar is hidden and all the desktop icons are hidden too. If the system is restarted, this


Link Locker v1.0

Link Locker is a small application that enables you to keep all your favourite website addresses, usernames, passwords and notes.

All information is stored in a single encrypted database making it easy to backup and keep secur