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Marx NTFS Alternate Data Streams Viewer 2.0

Within Windows 2000 and above, additional data can be associated and stored with a file, without impacting the file structure itself. This data is stored in what is known as an Alternate Data Stream. This alternate storage area is not reported o


Don't Cross the Streams

Get to know a little more about the Ghostbusters, the main characters, types of ghosts and much more!


game streams

Gamestreams is the unofficial client for Windows 8


Music Player Streams

Music Player Streams makes it easy for you to start listening to great music right away, without some of the hassle sometimes associated with Internet radio (searching for radio stations, fussing with playlists, and monthly fees)



Mobile private network for DEEP STREAMS INSTITUTE. The app offers multiple modules such as Events, News, Chats, Contacts and a Member Directory