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points calculator 2.0

Small utility to help calculate the points value of food for people using the Weight Watchers system. Completely portable, single EXE file with no external files (perfect for a USB flash drive). Currently calculates food point values for the PointsPlus (


Forex Pivot Points

A free offline forex pivot points calculator.


Points Import for IntelliCAD

Points Import for IntelliCAD - Point text file import plug-in for IntelliCAD


logistic map fixed points model 1

The Logistic Map Fixed Points Model finds periodic trajectories of the logistic map such that n iterations of the map starting with an initial value x return to that value. The key idea for this model is that for values of the logistic map control parame


Denver Home Loan Pay Points Interest Rates Calculator 4.9

Denver Home Loan Pay Points Interest Rates Calculator. The question "Should I Pay Points to Lower My Interest Rate?" is best answered with a good mortgage points calculator. Having the ability to compare what your payment will be and how much yo


Hit Points

Introducing Hit Points for Windows 8!This app is your companion for tracking hit points and notes during tabletop RPG play


24 Points

Enjoy 24 Points Game!The 24 Game is an arithmetical game in which the object is to find a way to manipulate four integers so that the end result is 24


MS Points

Ever wondered how much that purchase on xbox live will cost you? Never fear, MS Points to the rescue


Points Journal Plus

Points Journal Plus allows you to calculate and track your dietary habits



This application tells about the information of success points