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SearchMyVM Appliance 4.0

SearchMyVM, a free utility that will save you significant administration time trying to search in your VMware environment. Through a simple, “Google-like” interface, SearchMyVM allows you to pick from a list of pre-built queries or use the q


Paessler WMI Tester 2.1

Paessler WMI Tester is a tool for quickly and easily testing the accessibility of WMI counters


paessler wmi tester 2.1

Paessler WMI Tester is a tool for quickly and easily testing the accessibility of WMI counters. "Windows Management Instrumentation" is the latest technology from Microsoft for monitoring and managing Windows based systems. WMI allows a process to read da


3D Sound Tester 1.0

3D Sound Tester is a simple tool to test and configure the sound system. The application is tested on the basis of the recorded video file *. Wav. Sampling frequency must be equal to 44100 Hz. Move the red dot on the two-dimensional plane, the user moves


UnityPro AV Tester 1.0

This freeware program allows you to safely test your realtime Anti-Virus protection with a simple click of the button. Using the EICAR test pattern, AV Tester decrypts the test pattern in memory and attempts to write a file to the same folder wh


Server Tester 1.0

Server Tester is a small and easy to use application that pings websites, servers or IP addresses to test for a response


Router Tester 1.02

Router Tester (RTest) is an application to help DynSite users to accurately identify the path to the HTML status page of their routers. If your router does not appear in the list of supported routers in DynSite and the program figures out the pa


Monitor Tester 2.0.1

This is a utility for adjusting and testing the monitor. It is designed for technicians and users of computer monitors. Includes test boards to carry out all the relevant regulations of the monitor, and allows an accurate assessment of its condition. The


Ping Tester

Ping Tester is a visual ping and trace route tool that offers several convenient features to make scanning your network quick and easy. You can configure custom scan ranges by IP address or domain names, ping or trace route multiple...


Paessler WMI Tester

Paessler WMI Tester enables you to test the accessibility of WMI counters on the network. You can choose to query memory, processes, local disks, processors, or run a custom SQL query. Standalone, no install needed.