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Proxy+ works as firewall proxy server and mail server. All workstations can use Proxy+ services via the TCP/IP protocol. Some features are: Firewall increases security by separating LAN from the Internet, Disc cache with advanced...


net proxy component for c vb asp net 2.0

NetXtremeProxy .NET class library offers an easy way for applications to send data to a host through a proxy server. It supports HTTP, SOCKS4, SOCKS4A and SOCKS5. ProxyClient in the NetXtremeProxy .NET class library is similar to the TcpClient .NET class,


Proxy Log Analyzer

A utility for extracting and analyzing information from Microsoft Proxy Server 2.0/ISA2006 logs. It allows you to search the logs for user specified keywords and produces a nicely formatted HTML page with the results. In addition, it...


Proxy Sniffer

Proxy Sniffer (Professional Edition) is a web load and stress testing tool that enables developers to analyze the performance characteristics and the stability of web applications under various load conditions. The program offers a...


ST Proxy Switcher 3.0.53

Stay anonymous when you browse the Internet. The application can be used hide your IP Address from the websites that you browse. Using this application you can browse as if you are in some other country. The application can provide you with fast


007 Proxy Finder v1.61

Free software that automatically search and extract free proxy server from websites that provides daily updated proxy list


proxy scraper 2.1.10

Proxy Scraper is great for finding a ton of proxies every day and quickly testing large numbers of proxies. Internet privacy is important, and this tool makes it easy to make sure your real information is hidden with proxies that have high anonymity and


Trivial Proxy 1.6

Trivial HTTP proxy that allows to see and log network activity of the any applications(browsers, email clients etc


web proxy checker 1.5.19

Additional features compared to the free version: * Multi-process Architecture. * Check for connect to specifed mail server and perform SMTP commands. * Check for SMTP delivery. * Check for anonymity - detect anonymous and high anonymous


Acrylic DNS Proxy 0.9.3

Acrylic is a local DNS proxy which improves the performance of your computer by caching the responses coming from your DNS servers