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QUIZ to train questionnaires or vocabularies.


MP3 Quiz

Using your own MP3 music MP3Quiz randomly plays you part of each track then you have to guess the correct Artist and Title using multiple choice. The excerpts can be played using 1 of 8 effects each gaining you different points depending on


quiz press 2.5.12

With an easy-to-use interface, make your own quizzes that you can put on the web or print out for classroom use. Now featuring integration with Apple's iPod, import/export, answer explanations, essay questions, randomized multiple choice, teacher-graded q


Mathematics Quiz

For students aged 7 - 9 in Primary 1 - 3. 1500 maths quizzes & problems sums


Easy Quiz

creates three kinds of computer-based multi-media Quizzes


Geography Quiz 1.0

If you know your maps and landscapes, the Geography Quiz is the thing for you. The Geography Quiz invites you to test your knowledge of countries and landscapes around the world. This may be a tough one for those who are not so well-informed about the map


Science Quiz

For students aged 9 - 12 in Primary 3 - 6. 2000 quizzes and structured questions


my music quiz 1.4.2

My Music Quiz is an audio game that will play short random samples of your own music collection and challenges you to identify artist, track title and album title. The samples may be played slower, faster or together, in order to make it more challenging.


Quiz Maker 1.3.1

Quiz Maker is a program that's Polish for creating quizzes. Working with the application is very simple. You can choose your own background or finished, insert background music. The steps to create your own quiz is to enter the name and author. When creat


A+ Exam Quiz 1.0

A+ Quiz & practice questions By ProProfs Quiz School. Provides a free dynamic A+ practice questions. A+ practice tests includes explanations, custom A+ practice questions, A+ quiz tips, online quizzes and reports The software aids training for C