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Fk Desktop

With FK Desktop you can create as many desktops as you wish.


CE Desktop 1.0

CE Desktopâ„¢ is a data protection software. It prevents others from viewing your screen and getting your sensitive data. Features: It covers most areas of the screen. You can move the visible area conveniently. Your mouse can pass throu


FTP Desktop

FTP Desktop allows you to integrate FTP sites with Windows Explorer and access them as if they were folders on your computer. FTP sites become like folders on your disk and you can simply drag files into them to upload or perform other...


Desktop Dot v1.02

Desktop Dot is a perfect desktop buddy for those of you who are bored with your desktop


Desktop Fay

Animated Email Assistant - virtual personal secretary.


Fly on Desktop 1.3

The most realistic fly for your desktop! Fully simulates the behavior of a real fly


ftp desktop 4.01

* File management integrated into Windows Explorer. FTP sites as folders on your disk. * Hierarchical FTP site manager built into Windows Explorer. Add and remove FTP sites. Change FTP site settings. * Ability to view/edit remote files without ha


Hulu Desktop

 Stream videos from Hulu to your desktop.


desktop tagger

The application searches through photos on your computer and exploits API to tag you and your friends. You can later search through your photos in windows by searching for 'Tag:"Your Faceboook Full Name"' The currently requires to have a Facebo


Desktop Keyboard 1.0

Here is just the thing to express your musical talent and annoy co-workers while you are away from your real piano. Using the MIDI capabilities of your sound card this polyphonic desktop keyboard synthesizer has 128 different voices and sound e