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effect compiler 1

I wrote a rule file in order to be able to compile Direct3D / HLSL effect files directly in Visual Studio. The default way is to compile all .fx files at runtime, but as files are getting bigger, compile time increases radidly. However, in most cases it i


slide effect 1.9.10

Slide Effect is a full-featured slide presentation software that throws in a ton of dazzling, enticing, colorful, and just-plain tasty animated, text, and transitional effects. Slide Effect is incredibly intuitive. Simply drag and drop the elements you w


Banner Effect

Flash banner maker that lets you create banner ads without Flash coding.


Crab Effect

Crab Effect is a puzzle game set in the waters of the ocean. The task of the player will be to remove all the mines deep. To begin with, each of them is the correct color. Moreover, they are placed on the rubber ropes. On the map are places where hanging


Flash Fluid Effect

Create cool flash animation effect such as melt, vaporize, warp, blur, etc.


Cartoon Effect Creator

Cartoon Effect Creator 4.0 will turn your videos into cartoons.


Mass Effect 2 Patch 1.02

It is a file of an official patch for the game Mass Effect 2 The upgrade to version 1.02 and improves all known bugs. Patch fixes bugs related to the course of the game, making a number of changes to improve the program. The improvements relate to, among


Mass Effect 2 Demo

Two years after Commander Shepard stop the Reapers attack, who wanted to destroy all life comes new danger. Ship SSV Normandy is attacked by a race called the Collectors, which had fatal consequences (total destruction) for this machine. A large number of


Mass Effect 3 Demo

Mass Effect 3 is as the title suggests, the third installment in turn, acclaimed worldwide cycle of the RPG genre. The game's story, as usual, takes us to the world of the future, where they once again take part in the adventure straight out of science fi


Mass Effect - crack

This is the package files, locating the game Mass Effect for the Polish version. Crack install pasting the contents of the archive to the directory that contains the folder with the same name.