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Smart File Advisor 1.1.1

Smart File Advisor will help you find appropriate programs to open your files using Filefacts


smart file classifier 2.1

Smart File Classifier is an Easy-to-use software for Win32 platforms. It can batch classify many files to specific subfolders automatically. Key Features * Classify files by file name * Classify files by file date * Classify files by file nu


smart file advisor 1.0.1

Smart File Advisor will help you find appropriate programs to open your files using web site database. If you are having problems to open some specific files in your system install Smart File Advisor and it will help you. Smart File Advisor


Bru File Manager 0.5.3

Bru File Manager is a java cross-platform file manager


KJ File Manager

Manages karaoke, video, and audio files and helps rename them to standard format


One Cat File Manager

One click layout of files and images with essential tools the OS left out.


One Cat File Manager 1.01

Side by side file management, easy multiple file renaming, and customizable looks combine to make the perfect file manager for Microsoft Windows. Do you find yourself constantly sizing and resizing file management windows when moving or copying files bet


File Manager v3.0

This friendly interface utility program gives the user the ability to easily rename files. Features include: The ability to sequentially number the files with added prefixes and or suffixes. The addition or subtraction of prefixes. The add


Office File Manager

Backup your files in Excel, Word and PowerPoint with a single click.


Sprintbit File Manager 4.5

Sprintbit File Manager for Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP is a fully featured application for viewing and managing files on your computer. You can perform all standard file operations like copying, moving, renaming, deleting, creating folders, shortcuts or new