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Instant LOCK BeST FoLdeR LOCk Free Down 3.0.3

http://InstantLock.NET :This is a revolutionary file security software, totally protect, lock and hide all your private folders and precious files from other users and programs. You can unlock them with a simple click whenever you need. SAFETY -


usb lock rp 5.296

Centralized devices control to protect information in network PCs. Capabilities * Block, or allow removable storage use by class in real-time * Authorize groups of usb devices by VID, PID,and/or specific usb devices by hardware ID to operate on


Zip Lock 3.0

Makes your ZIP files secure and encrypted again. We all know that ZIP and WinZIP password protection has been compromised. You can download password crackers on the web. This program gives you that protection back. Run your ZIP file through



Kid-Key-Lock is a simple but effective program to prevent small children from accidentally deleting files or changing system settings while they are using your computer. It allows you to temporarily disable selected mouse buttons (left...


lock my pc 4.9

These days, computers are everywhere: from banks and government offices to shops and homes. We tend to rely on our machines more and more each day. We store our valuable data, personal and business-critical information, photos, credit card information, im


Lock My PC

Lock My PC is an easy to use application that locks your computer when you click the tray icon. It shows a locked screen (you can use a custom image) and disables Windows hot keys and mouse. In addition, the program can log any...


4S Lock 1.07

4S Lock 1.07 enables you to lock your workstation at any time by simple double click on system tray icon. Transparent lock is available. 4S Lock also provides startup/logon computer lockdown. During computer startup 4S Lock seamlessly replaces standard wi


S Lock 4.5

S Lock is designed as a security feature for those of you wanting to prevent unauthorised users from using your computer. It also disables CTRL+ALT+DEL, ALT+TAB, CTRL+ESC, along with the most commonly used key combinations. This stops a user


i-Lock v1.6

Keep your files protected! It is common to carry a USB drive in your pocket or on a key chain but what happens if that drive gets lost or stolen


id usb lock key 1.2

ID USB Lock Key is a security program meant to protect your computer from unauthorized users. It denies access, by providing a security block-screen which can be unblocked with the USB stick where you have the key generated by the program. Main Features: