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A humanistic Sudoku solver that explains the logic required to solve the puzzle.


Sudoku Max

Max Sudoku is a puzzle game based on the so-called Latin squares, a game well known in the Middle Ages. Find out if you are able to cope with puzzles, the solution of which our ancestors have put heads! Select the type of game and treat yourself to play t


Fun with Sudoku

This math game from Japan was unusually presented here. Dressed in a manga graphic adventure with cyferkami practicing mind everyone who comes into contact with it. Beginners will quickly learn the rules. Advanced will face many challenges. Face them will


3D SuDoku 1.3

This version has OpenGL compatible 3D graphics and sounds which make the gameplay more pleasant than ever. The game has such features as hints, mistake spotting and it automatically saves the game for you whenever you exit and loads it when you start the


Zen Sudoku 1.0

Like sudoku? Try Zen Sudoku for the ultimate sudoku puzzle experience. Over 100,000 perfectly designed sudoku puzzles plus rich backgrounds, storyline, and music make Zen Sudoku the best sudoku game for your PC.


sudoku 7 1.0

The program "Sudoku-7" offers you the following possibilities: * play sudoku puzzle choosing seven levels of difficulty, save and load a game; * change the appearance of the table: * scale and skin (there are seven inbuilt skins and one external skin); *


Advanced Sudoku 1.0

Advanced Sudoku is a logic-based placement puzzle. It is complex version of Traditional Sudoku. AvexLab Advanced Sudoku is game for experienced players. The object is to fill the grid so that every column, every row and every 4x4 box contains the digits 1


tams11 sudoku

Multiplayer version of the exciting puzzle game that is sweeping the nation. Use logic to solve the puzzle before your opponents. There are a three different game modes and puzzle skill levels to keep you playing for hours.


Sudoku WorkPlace 2.14

This is an excellent tool to generate, play with, and solve Sudoku puzzles on your computer. Will generate an infinite number of genuine Sudokus, or solve from the newspaper. As well as being good looking, and easy to use, Sudoku Wokplace is one of the mo


Sudo Sudoku

Sudo Sudoku Puzzle Game, can generate endless number of Sudoku Puzzles.