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PDF Vision .Net

Convert HTML, ASPX to PDF in .Net and Image, JPG, Multipage TIFF to PDF using C#


Final Vision 1.0

This is a small Platform RPG


Landscape Vision

Landscape Vision: Windows Landscape Design with photorealistic plant images.


Clear Vision II

There is a game that without brilliant graphics and long hours required for their passage, they can charm. It helps in this climate, ideas and narrative skills of artists. Such games do not age, which is their great advantage over those that are just beau


Nevron Vision for .NET

Professional Chart and Diagram suite for .NET applications.


Deus Ex: New Vision 1.0

New Vision is a modification to the first part of Deus Ex, which at one time was one of the best RPGs. Work on the modification lasted more than four years, the result of work of artists is to change 75% of textures in the game. After installing get textu


Snake Eye Vision v.1.0

Some animals, like for example many species of snakes, have poor eyesight, however their eyes are still best at detecting movement. Snakes have been known to glide past creatures that remain motionless. The program simulates the vision of the s


Snake Eye Vision

The program simulates movement detection and vision of the snake eye.


vayar vision

vayar connecting pictures. start searching visually. see and search.


integrating vision toolkit 1.3.17

The Integrating Vision Toolkit (IVT) is a stand-alone easy-to-use, platform-independent open source C++ computer vision library with an object-oriented architecture. It offers a clean camera interface and a general camera model, as well as many fast imple